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who we are

Tony worked in Europe, Japan and the USA in new product development and forecasting and then strategy consulting, before returning to the UK to work in brand consulting and founding Fat Planet to tap into new digital possibilities. Originally more focused on the analytical side of things, Tony’s interests have spread into qualitative work and data visualisation. In his spare time you are most likely to find him out in the open air, trail running, orienteering or tending his bees.

With a background in Psychology, Mel has worked for some blue chip market research agencies. She has forecasted sales for numerous well known brands as well as being involved in technical product development. She is an expert on bringing together a combination of quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (words) into a powerful insight soup. Outside of work, Mel is an unstoppable force who runs half marathons and sketches and paints furiously.

With a background in International Business, Vicky is a multi-linguist who brings a wide and open perspective to bear on our work. Blending detail with creativity, Vicky is always questing for deeper meaning in the analysis. She is also very talented in an array of different analytical tools and software. Vicky is an all-singing all-dancing musician voted “most likely to end up a backing singer for Kylie Minogue” in her school leavers yearbook.

Andy brings an extremely solid technical foundation in designing the architecture of web applications and making our ideas practically come to life. He works across a range of platforms and programming languages and draws on a support pool of talented programmers to fulfil projects and support them through time as they evolve. In his spare time Andy enjoys mountain biking and painting but not at the same time!

Jan has developed wonderful, creative and original designs from idea to finished product for: all sorts of printed media; websites; corporate logos and promotional materials. She has done her time at big London agencies and now enjoys being more directly involved with projects. Jan often starts her work on paper but she is an expert in Illustrator and Photoshop as well. Outside of her design work Jan is an artist who works in many different media, a book illustrator and free spirit, forever trying new experiences.

Martin heads up our data processing services. With 8 years at Research International and 16 years with SPSS Martin is a highly experienced in data processing and with any and all quantitative data. Outside of work Martin loves to be in the gym or behind the wheel of a car.

Gary is expert in all things accessed via the web and for over 13 years now, has helped businesses establish a strong & stylish web presence. He has created beautiful websites for many businesses and is passionate about blending both the beautiful and the functional. When not slaving over a hot website, Gary is a keen musician, playing bass in various bands - covers and original material plus in his past life, has been session bass player to the stars!